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How to Repair the Gut From Candida Damage

May 3, 2013

You’ve done the candida cleanse or detox but still feel bad? Now it’s time to nourish your gut and body and rebuild it. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Every cell of our body needs them to function properly. The problem occurs when our gut doesn’t have the ability to break down the […]

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Caffeine, Tobacco & Stimulants: Excerpt from Rupert Beebe’s Book Candida Yeast Infection

February 3, 2010

If anyone can tell me the whereabouts of Rupert Beebe, please tell me. I’ve been unable to track him or his publishing company down so I’ve just gone ahead and copied this out of his book without permission–not for lack of trying though! Caffeine, Tobacco and Stimulants. The health perils of stimulants and their total […]

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My Candida Story

September 12, 2009

When I was 12 years old I got my first set of amalgam fillings.  It wasn’t long until I had my first bout of allergies.  I was playing with some barn cats and  eyes gelled over and became so itchy I’d have torn them out if I could.   It took me another 3 decades to […]

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