My Candida Story

by Sharie on September 12, 2009

When I was 12 years old I got my first set of amalgam fillings.  It wasn’t long until I had my first bout of allergies.  I was playing with some barn cats and  eyes gelled over and became so itchy I’d have torn them out if I could.   It took me another 3 decades to make the connection to that event.

When I was 21 I stepped on a nail and had a tetanus vaccine.  Around that time I started feeling very foggy. Again I didn’t connect the dots.

Happy and Grateful for Good Health!

Happy and Grateful for Good Health!

My daughter, now 17, was eventually diagnosed with chronic meningitis (inflammation of the brain) due to mercury.  One doctor told me it was because of vaccines, another environmental specialist doctor told us it was due to the amalgam fillings in my mouth when I was pregnant.  The mercury passes through the placenta to the baby.  Both her and I had candida overgrowth.  We both got rid of it. Over and over again.  The vicious cycle just wouldn’t end.

My daughter’s headaches and stomach aches were so bad she missed up to six weeks of school at a time so we finally moved from our polluted city which was located in a smog-ridden valley to a cleaner area.  For us this meant across the ocean. While this helped somewhat to reduce new chemical, mercury and cadmium intake, it wasn’t a perfect solution because she still had regular headaches.  I could literally predict the weather from the intensity of her headaches the day before.

Between her and I we have done the following over the course of the last 10 years trying to get rid of our health problems: bioresonance (Bio terrain), NAET, SCIO, homeopathy for years, various herbs, various medicinal mushrooms, diets of many kinds, aloe vera juice for extended time, magnets (got rid of insomnia…first thing that worked), Lightpuncture, acupuncture, cranio-sacral (practitioner said my daughter has the lowest energy of anyone she’s ever worked on and that includes some very sick people), regular and other forms of chiropractic, physio-therapy, ionic footbaths, 10 each of slow drip intravenous C, B and pH balancing minerals, ozone therapy, colonics, amalgam removal by a holistic dentist, EFT, sleep clinic, massage, tissue salts and probably a few more I can’t recall.

Neither my daughter or I were able to do chelation therapy due to the poor condition of our organs so even though the mercury was poisoning us, removing it could have been worse!

I don’t go to doctors at all now and take no medications.  I interviewed 5 experts on the topic. The series goes into the exact details of what we used to finally reverse this condition for good.  There are no magic bullets so don’t be fooled by slick advertising or “candida diets” that you have to stay on the rest of your life to “control” the candida. Please email and put “End Candida” in the subject line to get your copy.

The interviews will cover the lesser known aspects of  eliminating candida and there will be occasional posts when I find out new information or products that actually work.  I want you to take control of your life and finally END CANDIDA for good!


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